West Orange Schools

The West Orange Public School District has been educating students since 1895 when the historic Washington Elementary School opened its doors. Today, the district boasts eleven extraordinary schools. The seven traditional neighborhood elementary schools include a very sought after full day kindergarten. 

Elementary Schools


  • Pleasantdale Elementary School 

  • Gregory Elementary School 

  • Hazel Avenue Elementary School       

  • Mount Pleasant Elementary School    

  • Redwood Elementary School             

  • St. Cloud Elementary School            

  • Washington Elementary School           

The 7,000 plus student body speaks more than 48 languages in the home and provides a mix of cultures, socio-economic and religious groups that creates a harmonious microcosm of a global community contained within the borders of West Orange. The diversity is a tremendous strength and contributes greatly to the success of each and every student.

The West Orange school district provides hundreds of extracurricular activities and clubs, after school programs and sports programs. West Orange High School is home to a brand new athletic complex complete with top level playing fields, courts, track and facilities that are the envy of the region.

Middle Schools

  • Thomas A. Edison Central Six School 

  • Liberty Middle School

  • Roosevelt Middle School 

High School

  • West Orange High School 

Each elementary school feeds an innovative central sixth middle school. Students are offered 7th and 8th grade in two middle schools complete with all the latest technology. 

The state-of-the-art high school campus rivals a small university campus and prepares students for the variety of 21st century opportunities, choices and expectations both socially and academically.